About Dr. Sol Adoni

Dr. Adoni is called The Great Genius and The Prophet in the media and by the fans of the 100+ books he has written, due to the things he has revealed to the world from the trips he has taken in over 20 years of traveling in the Astral Plane.

The Great Genius is a figure that appears in the Prophecies of Nostradamus.  Over the decades Dr. Adoni has revealed new laws in math, physics, astrophysics and geophysics through his astral traveling experiences in the Astral Plane. The breath of his Academic work is truly that of a Great Genius.

Dr. Sol Adoni 1) is the Founder of HelixQ2) an Artificial Intelligence Computer Programming Language. Dr. Adoni is also Honorary Chairman of Adoni Co.3) and the Adoni Trust. Dr. Adoni is the Emeritus Dean of University Temple of ‘Hayah4).

Dr. Adoni discovered the 30 Mod Prime Number Algorithm5) which is the fastest way to generate prime numbers and also PDF – Planetary Distance Formula 6) which was verified by NASA as being correct.

Dr. Adoni is the author of Hologram Universe 7) and his EOE Theory8)  is used by the USGS in the first attempts to forecast large quakes and plate tectonic movements based on EOE Theory.

As a 15 year old in 1976, Dr. Sol Adoni formed his first Tech Company to develop software for mini-mainframe computers, this was before personal computers even existed.

Since that time, Dr. Sol Adoni has founded numerous tech companies in the software and internet industries. He has operated tech companies in FIVE DECADES now and is only in his middle 50’s.

Dr. Sol Adoni is also a prolific author with over 100 Titles to his credit under various pen names and is the author of five series of fiction as well. Some are in discussions to be turned into films and TV series.

I Time Travel – is a new breed of fiction based on the real time travel adventures of Dr. Adoni in the Astral Plane. It was banned by Amazon due to pressure by the NSA.

ATLANTIAS is a series of Books about the historic Chronicles of the Atlantians.

THEE END is a series of books about the end of modern technology due to multiple events.

Super 7 Girls is a series based on 7 teen girls with super powers from alien gene manipulation.

Super 7 Boys is a series based on 7 teen boys with super powers from alien gene manipulation.

For 5 decades Dr. Sol Adoni has been creating programs for computers. Sol Adoni first started writing programs for mainframes in the mid 1970’s as a teen in school.

Dr. Sol Adoni has received numerous Honorary Doctorates over the years for his theories in math, astrophysics, physics and computer science. Dr. Sol Adoni has also received Honorary Doctorates in law, theology, ancient languages and business.

Dr. Sol Adoni has founded and run numerous software and digital publishing companies in his career. The Adoni Network  (now branded as 1 MEDIA) operates hundreds of websites for business including websites for many industries including law, medical, automotive, real estate, advertising, lead generation, internet, publishing, content creation, music and films.

This site features The Pontifications of Dr. Sol Adoni . On this site Dr. Sol Adoni  comments on various topics including the Internet, Philosophy, Publishing and World Events.